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I risultati della partecipazione e i finalisti

Hi all! You should all feel very proud that you were a part of making this happen… I am incredibly proud of you all!
The shortlist for Face to Faith’s Peace Day competition has now been compiled and the numbers crunched.
Here is a summary for you…
All the bestJo

Face to Faith Peace Day 2013: Executive Summary

Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day will judge the finalists on Tuesday 19th November.

Shortlisted schools
Most Creative Event

1. Xavier University High School – Philippines

Xavier University High School participated in four events to celebrate International Peace Day; they created a ‘living rosary’ with students making the formation of a rosary, praying for victims of the violence in Mindanao.  Students changed their Facebook profile pictures to symbolic pictures of faith and they created peace posters. They were also involved in the Philippines’ Schools signature campaign and we estimate the community reach of this campaign to be 67500 people.

2. Springboard School System – Pakistan

Springboard School System hired rickshaws which they decorated with pictures and banners created by the students to promote peace.  These decorated rickshaws acted as mobile posters in the streets of Islamabad for an entire week. Thousands of people will have seen these Face to Faith/ Peace One Day posters. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness and peace and tolerance in the community and we estimate the community reach of this campaign to be to 200,000 people.

3. Instituto Comprensivo di Monte San  Savino – Italy

Instituto Comprensivo di Monte San  Savino put a Peace One Day Concert with some poetry reading. The event included the whole school and was advertised to the whole town. Many of the town’s inhabitants attended the concert. Students wrote their own poetry concerning the idea of peace. There was also a workshop after the event where students reflected on their work and internalized more deeply the issue of peace. We estimated that this event reached 6000 people in the local community.

Best Interfaith Event


1.        Mase 2000- Egypt

Mase 2000 was shortlisted for ‘best interfaith’ because they brought together students of different faith such as Christians, Jews, moderate Muslims  and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to discuss peace and conflict in their communities and  their desire to make peace between the different religious groups.


2.       Apeejay School Saket – India

Apeejay School Saket held a special assembly to celebrate International Peace Day with special guest speakers of different religious traditions and with prayers from different religious scriptures recited.  Symbols of different religions were displayed on a ‘peace tree’ outside of school and students and parents of different faiths gathered to discuss peace in their own lives under the tree.


3.       Al Sadiq Grammar School – Pakistan

Al Sadiq Grammar School hosted an intrafaith dialogue event with Sunni and Shia students, teachers and other members of the community.  Students and guests discussed issues relating to peace and wrote peace pledges. There was also an art competition and a Face to Faith training event (used as an example of a teaching tool that promotes peace).

Largest Event

1.       Bal Bharati Public School – Pitampura, India

Bal Bharati Public School held a World Peace Parliament earlier in the year which parents and other members of the community could attend. They also celebrated International Peace Day in September by putting on a show and dance, creating a peace wall and a signature campaign.  They have estimated that 9500 people were involved in these events.

2.       De la Salle  Lipa, Philippines

As well as being involved in the Philippines Signature Campaign, De la Salle School also created a peace wall, planted a peace pole in their garden and created a Facebook project called ‘Peacebook’ where students posted their prayers and support for peace. They have estimated that there were over 5000 people involved in this event.

3.       Our Own English School – UAE

Our Own English School’s event was a month long campaign that included an art exhibition and auction, peace day assemblies and peace pledges. Over 8500 people were involved in these events.

4.       Philippines combined school event

A series of video conferences were held between schools in Mindanao and the Northern Islands. Following on from these video conferences, schools collected peace pledges and a petition to send to the government. There were 9000 signatures from students in the petition regarding reinvigorating the peace process that was handed to the government in early November. The combined activities included 12 schools and over 10 000 students.

The figures

102 schools hosted Peace Day events from 13 countries:

1 from Egypt

38 from India

6 from Indonesia

6 from Italy

3 from Jordan

1 from Lebanon

6 from Mexico

17 from Pakistan

12 from Philippines

6 from UAE

2 from UK

3 from Ukraine

1 from USA

48 schools have reached level 4 through these activities meaning that their community engagement involved action and dialogue with those of different faiths and beliefs.

The number of people directly involved in the Face to Faith peace One Day school events is estimated at just over 9 3800 people

Estimated size of community reach (raising awareness of Peace Day through their Face to Faith activities)  is 2 283 000


  • MASE 2000 publicised their event on Facebook and YouTube
  • Chettinad Rani Meyyammai School were in the National Newspaper ‘The Hindu’
  • Kulachi Hansraj Model School publicised their event on YouTube
  • Modern Public School in India had an article published in ‘The Times of India’
  • Rani Meyyammai Matriculation School, Puliyur had an article published in ‘The Hindu’
  • Tagore International School has YouTube videos
  • Labschool Cibubur Senior High School in Indonesia had national TV and Newspaper coverage
  • Monte San Savino in Italy where in their local news and on twitter
  • Campus Morelia in Mexico had a Twitter Campaign
  • Erwin was on National TV and in National Newspapers publicizing the Philippines Schools Events
  • Xavier School in the Philippines had an article published in a National magazine
  • The Winchester School in UAE were on national radio, in the newspaper and have videos on YouTube